Your mailing list isn’t growing. Ugh!

You did all the right things. You created a lead magnet, you figured out how everything links together and then you put it up on your website…so why aren’t people signing up?!

In this post we’re going to dig into the 3 reasons your mailing list isn’t growing and outline a plan for testing each so you know for sure where your problem lies before making a bunch of changes.

3 Potential Problem Areas:

  1. The Lead Magnet
  2. The Landing Page
  3. Traffic

Having a solid lead magnet is the first step to opt ins, building a mailing list of your ideal clients (aka, the “right people”) and ultimately leading into what you sell.

Your lead magnet is the starting point of everything…so we’ll start with it!

Area #1 The Lead Magnet

The first and most likely reason your mailing list isn’t growing…is because you don’t have a lead magnet that appeals to the core problems of your ideal client.

Here are a few areas to consider:

  1. Do you truly know who your ideal client is? This involves knowing their pains, the language they use to talk about about their pains and the objections they have to whatever it is you’re selling.
  2. Does your lead magnet solve the primary pain of your ideal client?
  3. Is your lead magnet titled in a way that is intriguing and conveys a solution to their core problem?

Testing Your Lead Magnet:

Unless you already suspect that your lead magnet is off, I wouldn’t start here when it comes to testing areas that may be causing your your list not to grow. If you test the landing page and the traffic first and still aren’t getting great results…then come back and be prepared to just start over.

Area #2 The Landing Page

Your landing page is the second reason your mailing list may not be growing. If people are visiting your landing page but not actually signing up…this is a sign that you either have a lead magnet issue or landing page issue.

Your landing page is a reflection of your lead magnet. It is going to include the title of your lead magnet and maybe even a few key benefits.

Landing pages can range from detailed to very simple and still convert at 40%+, there really isn’t a right and wrong.

A few areas to consider:

  • Is your landing page easy to read? Do you have a dark colored background with white font? Colors make a difference on how willing someone is to even read the words on the page. Shapes and other images can also be very distracting.
  • Does the visitor know (before scrolling) exactly what you’re offering and have the option to opt in?

Testing Your Landing Page:

  • Change the name of your lead magnet (not the content, just the name). This is a quick and easy way to test how a minor change can affect your opt ins.
  • If your landing page is really detailed, make it more simple. Like literally it could include just the title of the freebie, a picture of it and a place for them to sign up.
  • If your landing page is very simple, try adding a few bullet points of benefits they’ll get from this freebie. This isn’t a sales page and should quickly convey why they need this information.
  • Pay attention to the conversion information. If you’ve had 100 people visit your landing page, a good rate is that 20-40 of those sign up.

Area #3 Traffic

Traffic is the third reason your mailing list may not be growing. If you’re not even getting people to look at your landing page…most likely you’re experiencing a traffic issue.

A few areas to consider:

  • Where is your lead magnet placed? Is it on your website in places people visit? For example if you get the most traffic to your blog…is it in the sidebar? Is it a pop up? Do you have it linked to your social media profiles?
  • Do you have an easy path for people to follow to opt in to your mailing list? If for example you’re engaging in Facebook groups, is your business page public to those on your personal page? Is your lead magnet listed prominently in the header image of your business page or the first pinned post?
  • If you answer yes to the above questions…the next thing to consider is if you’re showing up online in a way that is congruent with your lead magnet (and your core offer). For example, if you’re a web designer, are you engaging in groups and talking a lot about growing an online business through social media? People will see you showing up but when they follow you back to your website or business page they’ll be confused on your offer.
  • Are you posting your lead magnet in promo threads with a catchy 1-2 sentence description?

Testing Your Traffic

  • This one is pretty simple, if you’re not even getting views on your landing page…you need to reference the above points and work on driving traffic.

The moral of this story…your lead magnet is the first step to your core funnel (you email list). If it’s not spot on…it won’t attract just the right people to opt in, allowing you to nurture that relationship and eventually build your income.

So before you jump into a course or challenge on building your list…take a few minutes and make sure the core foundation of your lead magnet and landing page are solid.

Comments or Questions?! Post below and let me know!

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