7 Steps To Creating Your First Low-End Product

Creating products, courses and other training materials that you can sell for less than a $100 is an excellent way to build your online business and create multiple streams of income.

These products allow your ideal client to experience your work, your results and prime them to purchase more expensive offerings as you develop the know, like & trust factor.

In this video I chat with Seema Bharwani, from Content By Seema, about the steps it takes to create your first low priced course.

Seema has been creating courses and programs for the last 12 years. She worked as a corporate trainer for IBM for six years before starting her own company three years ago. She has a passion for helping entrepreneurs create courses that increase your impact, your income and establish you as an expert and shares that with us in this interview!

We do have some video technical issues for just a few moments in the first 5 minutes…but all is resolved after that!

In this video we cover cover:
1. Why a low-priced product is great for business, regardless if you sell services or products
2. How to find a topic for your course/product
3. What type of content to include
4. Product formatting that doesn’t require a monthly fee
5. Creating your content
6. The types of promotional content to create
7. How to get your product noticed and purchased

What was your main take away from this interview? I would love to know, comment below with what has stopped you from moving forward in the past (and how this training helped clear that up!).

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