Facebook groups are all the rage these days. Mostly because the reach on Facebook pages is just so weak. I don’t want to get all, “I remember when” on you…but I do! I remember when you could post on your Facebook page and the people who like your page ACTUALLY SAW YOUR POST. Crazy.

Now people are engaging in groups and segmenting themselves based on their interests. A marketer’s dream come true!

If you’re considering starting a group of your own, this video is for you! I interview Taylor Manning from Taylor Manning Creative on what she recommends doing to start and grow your own Facebook group.

Conveniently enough, since having this conversation with Taylor I started my own group, the Marketing Your Business Mastermind.

This free Facebook community is not only insanely helpful but also full of some other rock star business owners, come join us! You don’t want to miss out on all that brilliance! Plus in the file section, you’ll find some extra goodies, one is an eleven point visual checklist of specifically where you should place your lead magnet on your website and Facebook page to maximize subscriptions.

Before you press play, you should know, I flounder around lost for the first 33 seconds…but I promise we get into the good stuff after that!

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