Active Campaign User Guide

Hey there!! I’m so glad you’re checking out this training! If you’re intrigued with funnels but overwhelmed by the tech…I made this specifically for you.

Funnels are KEY to building an audience…list building without a funnel is like drinking decaf coffee or handwriting letters for a MASS mailing! These videos will walk you through the technical aspects of building a funnel that grows your audience and income on autopilot.

If you need help with the strategy end of your funnel or want a trained eye to audit your funnel once it’s done, just send me an email at

In order to make the video’s larger (for easier viewing), press the video so it plays and then click on the white box in the bottom right corner. That will make the video go full screen. Hit the “esc” key to minimize that screen.

Tour of Leadpages

In this video (6:48) I give you the grand tour of Leadpages so you don’t have amazing features at your finger tips that you never realized were there!

Let’s Build Your Funnel

In this video (35:25) I show you how to build a funnel from beginning to end. Don’t worry though, the other modules in this training show you have to do it step-by-step.

Template Tour: What’s Possible!

This video (4:40) shows you the breadth of templates that Leadpages has available in different categories such as sales pages, thank you pages, sign up pages, video pages, webinar replay pages…and more!

BFF Email Integration

The following video (2:35) shows you how to integrate your email system with Leadpages if it’s on the “partner” list (see the integration tab in Leadpages). This example specifically shows GetResponse.

Non-Partnered Email Integration

The following video (4:47) shows you how to connect your non-partnered email system with Leadpages. This example specifically shows you have to integrate Active Campaign.

Drag & Drop VS Standard Pages

This video (12:17) shows you have to use the two builders that Leadpages offers, standard and drag and drop so you can pick YOUR favorite.

Create Your Branded URL

The following video (6:08) is for those of you using (not .com). You’ll see how to install the plugin and create your branded URLs for each landing page your create.

What’s A LeadBox?

This video (7:23) digs into what a lead box is, how it differs from a lead page and when you’ll use it.

Hint…this is for your website, blog, sidebar and pop ups!

Installing Facebook Pixels

If you think you might ever run Facebook ads, install a pixel. It will collect data so you can re-target those people who visit your page…and will cost less! Plus in this training you’ll learn how to test the pixel so you know it’s working.

Well hello there! I hope you find this training CRAZY helpful. I would love to hear from you and see your funnel once it’s done!

Come on over to my free community, Marketing Your Business Mastermind, share your funnel with us on the wall and tag me!

Before you do that though…be sure to TEST your funnel!!

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