How To Build An Audience That Builds Your Business

Building an audience is SO much more than just creating a freebie and getting people to join your mailing list. It’s about having great content, showing up consistently and letting people get to know you as a person…not just an expert.

This week my focus is on how you can build an audience that actually builds your business. In this video…yes it’s a video, because I love showing up on video and so that’s how my content is delivered…I share:

  1. What elements to have in place before you worry about marketing and audience building
  2. The 4 core elements of audience building

Formatting won’t let me tell you what those 4 areas are up above…so here they are:

  1. Connecting with people
  2. Providing valuable content, consistently
  3. Establishing a place for your audience to come
  4. Staying engaged

When you’re just starting out, you will most likely just hang out in other people’s communities. As you build your business though it’s easy to just focus on the find clients, doing the work and then repeating the cycle because that’s how the money comes it!

Most of my clients start to get burnt out on just doing 1-1 work though and realize they want to create a product or course but have no audience to launch it to because they’ve spent the last 1-2 years building someone else’s audience. Can you relate?

If I just described you and your business and you’re ready to get serious about growing your audience so you can grow your business…let’s chat. You can click here to schedule a 20 minute session.

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Click the video below to get the meatier version of audience building!

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