How to Skyrocket Your Business (Without Spending A Dime)

How to Skyrocket Your Business (Without Spending A Dime)

Being in business costs money. And naturally skyrocketing your business without spending a dime seems pretty intriguing after you just checked your account and realized all the monthly expenses it really takes!

In this blog post, I’m going to share with you a way I’ve been growing my business, staying accountable to reaching my goals and not going crazy as an extrovert running a business from home. And I’m doing all of these things with one (sort of simple) action.

Right now I’m working on creating my first digital product…a course on email marketing. More specifically, how to create an amazing lead magnet and everything that surrounds your success after you’ve created said lead magnet (landing page, email automation, placement and staying in touch).

I’m not doing this alone and…

  • I don’t have a coach (right now at least)
  • I don’t have a business partner
  • I’m not in a high-level mastermind for fellow overachievers

So what is this one, sort of simple thing I’m doing to skyrocket my business and my productivity?

Collaborating with others.


Yep. I don’t want to portray it as super simple, because honestly it can be tough to find the right people. But once you do, they can be invaluable for helping you feel great about your business, reach your goals and not feel alone in the process.

I’m actually collaborating in two areas of my business at this moment…but today we’re just going to focus on the course creation end.

If you’re working to create something…it might look like this:

  • Have a great idea…maybe even start creating it, but ultimately get distracted and abandon the project
  • Get a course created…only to become overwhelmed with the marketing of it or the lack of people who are excited enough about it to purchase
  • Hire a coach for $1,000+ a month to hold you accountable to reaching your goals. Meet with them once a week and juggle bringing in regular income while you also create this new income stream on the side
  • Hire someone to create the entire course for you based on your content

I’ve create a course in the past but sadly didn’t finish it. Actually it’s not terribly sad as the platform ended up shutting up shop one day so really I dodged a bullet.

I’ve had great ideas that I never took the time to bring to life. Can you relate?

I’ve even hired a coach to help me, only to somehow get distracted with doing things “right” and deciding mid-way to go down a different path.

So now I’m working on my first digital course…that I’ll actually finish, and people it’s a little rough! From getting everything organized, created, tested and then marketed…it isn’t an overnight project!

So instead of doing this alone, I have a buddy that I’m doing it with.

We’re both creating digital courses and so we’re holding each other accountable to making steady progress, we’re encouraging each other when we get distracted with family stuff or even other aspects of our business that seem to being pulling extra hard and most importantly we’re helping each other to finish what we’ve started and not become overwhelmed with the details that we like least.

What is going to really skyrocket your business? Taking your great ideas and bringing them to life. And sometimes this is the hardest thing we we can do when we’re trying to do it alone.

I want to challenge you to spend a few minutes today writing down an area of your business you’re struggling to do alone.

Then think if you know anyone else who is struggling with this area as well that you can team up with. If you don’t know anyone, go into one of your favorite and super engaged Facebook groups and post the ask there.

“Teaming up” can literally be a call once a week and staying in touch via email or messenger. As long as you’re working on the same step, you’re interested in connecting regularly and you like each other…this can help you BOTH achieve great results in your business.

Comments or Questions?! Post below and let me know!

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Creating A Strengths Based Business

Running A Strengths Based Business (and how to figure out what your strengths are!)

This week’s training is on HOW to run a strengths based business by identifying your strengths so you can spend more time working in them, specifically how you can shape your business around what you truly love to do.

My guest this week is Joy Martinez, the founder of StrengthsDNA and a Personal Strengths + Brand Coach. She helps online service-based entrepreneurs discover and leverage their unique talents and strengths so they can create a business they love to work in.

Joy uses Clifton StrenthsFinder to assess her clients and then comes back with more detailed information about how your strengths apply to your business and new ways you can use your strengths.

I recently hired Joy to help me break down my strengths into actionable information I can use to shape and grow my business. I’ve taken SO many assessments, only to walk away wondering how to actually use the information. I’m only on the first of two sessions and already feel great about how my strengths are showing up in my business currently but also how I can emphasis them more in my personal branding.

In this training, we cover:

  • What strengths-based development is and why it is important
  • How your strengths relate to your personal brand
  • Tips & strategies to discover your talents
  • What your weaknesses really are & how to manage them (not fix them)

We also touch on how to immediately recognize an area of weakness, HINT, it’s when your energy is drained and you just don’t want to do something…plus what you can do to mitigate those feelings.

Once you’ve watched the training, comment below and let me know what you’re implementing right away!!

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Overcoming Limiting Beliefs: So They Don’t Hold Your Business Hostage!

4 Steps To Identifying & Overcoming Limiting Beliefs (So They Don’t Hold Your Business Hostage!)

Have you ever felt like you’re just steps away from success…but for some reason rather than skipping gleefully towards “success”, you keep walking around in circles?

In this training we talk about beliefs and how they impact our choices and path…but more importantly how they limit our greatness and what we can all do to change up those beliefs and reach the goals we have for our lives.

One of my first questions is…so what exactly is a limiting belief? Here is the run down:

A limiting belief is anything that prevents you from becoming who you’re meant to be. A quick way to identify areas of limiting belief is if you find yourself saying, “I can’t…” fill in the blank with something you don’t think you can do or have. That is a limiting belief. -Jennifer Schiavo

Our guest speaker this week is Jennifer Schiavo, she is a business coach, a parenting coach and an intuitive healer. We meet last month and I was really impressed with her ability explain how beliefs impact our lives in simple ways that even a non-woo-woo person can get and run with.

In this training we cover:

  • How beliefs are formed
  • 4 steps to release and create new empowering beliefs
  • How your beliefs impact your success

Once you’ve watched the training, comment below and let me know what you’re implementing right away!! Wanna catch more training’s like this? Join my Facebook community, Marketing Your Business Mastermind.



How To Host Your First Online Summit

How To Host An Online Summit (And Avoid Rookie Mistakes)

Have you ever attended an online summit and thought about creating one yourself? I know I have!

Jane Lorenz is our guest speaker this week, Jane is an intuitive empowerment coach, author and telesummit host and producer. She is getting ready to host her 6th summit this July and has learned from experience what works and what doesn’t! Within 4 months of one of her summits, she had grown her list by 2,000+ and generated over $25,000.

In this training we dig into:

  • How you can make money, build your audience & make invaluable connections
  • The time frame and tools you need to pull a summit off
  • How to engage high profile experts for your summit

Plus all the little details like types of summits, standards and how to choose a theme (hint, it’s by keeping your ideal client 100% in mind).

Once you’ve watched the training, comment below and let me know what you’re implementing right away!! Wanna catch more training’s like this? Join my Facebook community, Marketing Your Business Mastermind.



Sales Funnel Strategy: The Breakdown

How To Create A Simple Money Making Sales Funnel (Even If You’re Not A Marketing Genius)

Sales funnel strategy, you hear the term all the time. Typically thrown around with “if you don’t have one, your business will NEVER work”. Well that’s not entirely true but they are essential for scaling your business and are simply said, a system that takes you from random marketing to systematically turning leads into prospects and prospects into clients.

This week my guest is Maria Rana, she is a copy writer and sales funnel strategist. She helps online entrepreneurs use words that sell as well looking at the overall strategy of how you use those words, specifically when it comes to your sales funnels.

In this training, we cover:

  • Ideal client clarity
  • Planning the funnel out from end to beginning (yes that’s right, backwards)
  • How to hook people with the right freebie
  • Opt-in page
  • Email series
  • Attracting ideal clients to your freebie and list building
  • Tools: from free to high-end and which seem to work best

This video is a little different from our typical live training’s, Maria had some internet issues…apparently Pakistani villages don’t have really awesome internet connect when it storms. While Maria isn’t able to come back at one point, her business partner Hammad does jump on live and talk about the tech around the sales funnel as well as pick up a few of Maria’s notes for the final details.

Once you’ve watched the training, comment below and let me know what you’re implementing right away!! Wanna catch more training’s like this? Join my Facebook community, Marketing Your Business Mastermind.



How I Found My Ideal Client (After 9 Months of Struggle)

If you’ve ever done an ideal client exercise and hated every moment of it, I’m with you. I was the person who literally wanted to just skip that step. Because really, I already know SO much about marketing my business why couldn’t I just get to what I’m great at?!

After 9 months of struggling with my business, I finally realized the importance of being crystal clear on who my ideal client is and I wanted to share that journey and my tips with you. I did ideal client work at least 10-15 times and it still never clicked…so honestly this may not work for you. But if it does, comment below or email me and let me know!

Before we get into what’s in this video (and the video) I want to share with you what finally shifted my mindset and ultimately helped me to realize that I was struggling because I had skipped vital steps. I read an article by Todd Herman, see his graphic (click the image to read the entire article), and while it was basic information, it was a light bulb moment for me.

Here is a summary of these stages:

Todd Herman’s 5 Stages of Business:

  1. Dream Up – you decide who you’re serving, what you’re offering and validate the idea
  2. Start Up – you start marketing and working with clients
  3. Ramp Up – you perfect your systems and hire others to help you with day to day activities
  4. Scale Up – you’ve outsourced, now is the time to nurture and train those staff as well as focus on income producing activities for the business
  5. Leader Up – you’ve achieved expert status, other leaders want to work with you and you’re living a dream lifestyle that balances work and pleasure. The key to maintaining this level is staying humble and on top of market trends.

Okay, so now you have the back story, let’s get into the content!

In this video I share my tips for honing in on your ideal client:
1. Decide you’re done struggling
2. Just choose an ideal client + their pivot point
3. Outline who this person is, the pivot point when they realize they need you & how you help
4. Find this person in real life and talk to them (preferably more than one person!)

Wanna peak at my ideal client outline? Click here to take a look! I uploaded this so you can see a real life example of how specific this should be and how it plays into your entire business.

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