Is The Facebook Business Page Dead?

Are Facebook Business Page’s Dead?

In this post, we cover 5 ways to use your Facebook business page to it’s fullest potential…and what that potential really looks like when it comes to converting “likes” to customers.

If you’ve ever been discouraged by the engagement (or lack there of) on your Facebook business page…you’re not alone.

You feel like it’s pointless to post there, you wonder if it is really making a difference and honestly…you wonder if your time could be better spent somewhere else.

I’m here to assure you that Facebook business pages are NOT dead…but they certainly aren’t what they used to be either.

How you leverage your business page today is different than it was 5 years ago when I first got started in online business. Back then, when you posted…people actually saw what you wrote!

Crazy, I know!

We knew back then about the different levels of engagement you get when you post a link to an outside source or a picture…versus just plain text (which had the broadest reach).

These days Facebook issues announcements letting us know that engagement is going to get even worse as they want to make sure their platform is giving the people what they want…more access to information from their friends.

What I really hear them saying though, and what I’ve always heard them saying, is that they want businesses to pay in order to reach the right people. And Facebook makes it really easy for you to WANT to pay them, Facebook has a HUGE reach and excellent audience targeting.

I don’t think Facebook business pages are dead. I do think there is a good, better and best way to maximize your use there and this is going to look different based on the industry you’re in. For the purposes of this blog, I’m speaking specifically to those who are running service based businesses online.

Let’s dig into the specifics!

5 Ways Your Business Page Can Work For You

  1. Think of it as a landing page of sorts between your personal profile (which you use to comment in groups) and your client/relationship funnel.
  2. It’s a place to promote your opt in or Facebook group in the header image and/or the pinned post.
  3. Your Facebook page speaks to your authority (likes and engagement) and gives people a quick glimpse of the content you put out so they know if you’re the solution to their problem.
  4. As people like your page, visit your website or opt in to your mailing list…you’re building a targeted audience for Facebook ads.
  5. Your business page is the most effective place to live stream from. You can share it into groups, you can run ads to the stream and you can update the static image and get audience insights in a way that isn’t available when you stream from a group.

Are you optimizing your Facebook business page using these tactics?

Are you posting there at least 1-2x a week with new information relevant to your ideal client?

If you’re not, it’s okay! You can start now. If you’re building your business primarily through organic methods in groups…get started like right now.

Your personal and business pages are funnels to building a relationship and eventually working with you.

Need help optimizing your personal and business pages for conversion? Click here to check out a video tutorial I did on just this topic!

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How To Grow A Facebook Group

How To Grow A Facebook Group: Specifically…how I’ve grown mine by 500+ members in under 6 months

Marketing is all about building relationships and inside of a Facebook group…is an AMAZING place to do just that.

You need to give your community a place to hang out with you…and a Facebook group is the perfect place to foster that relationship.

You know better than anyone that just because you SERVE a lot of people and make a consistent income…doesn’t mean that you have built an audience of raving fans that are ready to buy from you when you get ready to launch your first passive product or course.

If you don’t actually want to start and manage a Facebook group though…you probably shouldn’t! It does involve quite a bit of talking to yourself in the early days (like 0-300 members early days). It also requires pre-planning, daily engagement and systems around building relationships.

This is actually the first thing I outsourced. I once spent 6 hours planning and scheduling posts for the following month and realized then, NO MORE. Haha, so I hired a VA who schedules posts and welcomes new members. Even though I could do this in like 10-15 minutes a day (not including my 6 hours of scheduling!)…now that the group is welcoming close to 200 members a month, I’m glad I outsourced even those 10-15 minutes a day!

Last week I talked about How To Build An Audience That Builds Your Business, which was an overview of what audience building is and its 4 core elements, which are…


  1. Connecting with people
  2. Providing valuable content, consistently
  3. Establishing a place for your audience to come
  4. Staying engaged

This week we’re going to continue to talk about audience building but more specifically how to build your audience using Facebook groups. As I mention in point #3 above, you need a place to gather your audience and your own Facebook group is an awesome place to do that.

I started my group mid-February of 2016. I remember reaching out to people I had connected with online in order to get those first 50 members and feeling like it was soooo hard! I had no idea what I was doing, what I should be posting or how to build and nurture a relationship with the members of the group.

Over time though, I developed a system for building the group as a part of my everyday activities and for nurturing new members so I could find paying clients from the group.

As I write this post, I’ve welcome 180 new members in July alone. June I welcome 85 members and in May I welcomed 54. I’m getting better and better at this and wanted to take some time this week to share with you exactly HOW I have increased my numbers steadily.

Okay…let’s jump into the specifics of HOW to grow a Facebook group!

What you’ll learn in this video:

  • 8 specific ways I’ve grown my group (both passive and active)
  • 2 ways to grow your group really quickly
  • How growing my group has allowed me to build better relationships with my members (and find clients)

Once you’re done watching…comment below and let me know what you thought!

If you need help building a community of your own and don’t have time to “try all the methods”…let’s chat!

I specifically help my clients get super visible, build an audience and drive traffic as they lead up to a launch and would love to chat about helping you with that too! Click here to book a 20 minute chat.

If you’re loving this content and want to get more…come over to my Facebook Community, Marketing Your Business Mastermind. Each week I share content like this and then break it down still further into more detailed and action oriented content.

3 Tips For Getting Started With Facebook Live

3 Tips for Getting Started With Facebook Live

Facebook Live and live streaming in general is all the rage right now…and it’s no surprise when you look at the power and impact of using video to build your brand and business.

I’ve been creating videos for the last 10 months and consistently get feedback from my audience that they love my energy, how personable I am, they can tell I know my stuff and ultimately they love the content that I’m putting out there for them.

Video is powerful. My audience knows me in a way that I could never convey just through the written word. Because even as I’m writing this now…you can’t see my personality, you can’t hear the inflection of my voice (which I can hear because I’m saying this to myself as I write, haha!) and you can’t see my face and know that my desire is to help women build their business not because of what it will do for me but because of the impact it will have on your family, your life and your finances.

Now…enough chit chat, because I’m a get to it kind of girl, let’s talk Facebook Live!

Let’s start with the basics of streaming through Facebook Live…how to actually go live.

  1. From your mobile device, click “status” (like you’re going to post)
  2. See the icons along the bottom (see picture blow)
  3. Choose the icon that looks like a person with a halo around their head (second in from the left)
  4. You’ll get a notification saying you’re going live, choose “continue”
  5. You’ll write the title of your live stream where it says “describe your live video”
  6. If you’re streaming from your personal page it will give you a drop down of which list to stream to
  7. Click “go live”!

Here are a few pictures to walk you through exactly what you’ll see:

example of Facebook Live streaming

If you don’t see the halo image there are few possibilities. You don’t have access to it from the page you’re trying to stream from. Try from your business page, your personal page or your group. If you still don’t have access, make sure your Facebook app is up to date…and if you STILL don’t have access, there is a chance it just hasn’t rolled out to your country yet.

Next lets dig into the next level of how to use Facebook Live…

In this video, I share:

  1. Where to stream your FB Live for the best reach & impact
  2. The basics of great video…without special equipment (lighting, sound & positioning)
  3. The power of your headline and a formula for writing attention getting headlines

Once you’ve watched the training, comment below and let me know what you’re implementing right away!! Wanna catch more training’s like this? Join my Facebook community, Marketing Your Business Mastermind.





Facebook Ad Targeting

How To Use Facebook Ad Targeting (and make money!)

This week we’re going to focus on the targeting aspect of Facebook ads. You know…that part where it says to figure out exactly WHO your ad should be getting in front of?

More specifically we cover:

  • 7 ways to target your Facebook ads
  • Choosing the right message
  • The 80/20 Rule when it comes to targeting
  • Return on investment (how to measure success)
  • Budgets to set for optimal results

Our guest this week is Ben Blackmon, he specializes in Facebook and Google ads. As we talked about in the video though Ben doesn’t just do Facebook ads, he helps his clients with the entire funnel around ads so they are completely prepared to convert and nurture those leads.

Ben is my go to Facebook ads guy. We’ve known each other for almost a year now from our morning accountability group. You won’t meet a nicer guy that will tell you how it is and look out for your best interest when you’re navigating the murky waters of Facebook ads.

Before you get started with Facebook ads and even worrying about targeting, you have to know who your ideal client is. Ben has provided his opt in, “26 Questions To Identify, Understand & Reach Customers That Convert“, you can grab that here.

You can also check out my ideal client training, “How I Found My Ideal Client (After 9 Months Of Struggle)” by clicking here.

If you’ve ever gotten to the audience section in Facebook Power Editor and wondered:

  • Am I doing this right?
  • Should I be targeting by demographic or common interests?
  • Are there less expensive ways to target my ads?
  • How do I know if this is even working?!

This is exactly what you’ll learn from this training!

Once you’ve watched the training, comment below and let me know what you’re implementing right away!! Wanna catch more training’s like this? Join my Facebook community, Marketing Your Business Mastermind.




Facebook Groups That Convert

Facebook Groups: How to Grow & Nurture A Group That Converts To Clients

Facebook groups are all the rage and an excellent way to build your online business and community of people who know, like and trust you.

In today’s interview, I chat with Robin Smith about Facebook groups. More specifically how she has grown her group in the last 4 months (organically) to over 1800 members.

We dig into how she keeps engagement high, her systems around building relationships and ultimately her tips for turning those members into clients. She converts 4% of her group to paying clients…so 70+ people are paying for one or more of her services/products!

I spoke with Robin a few months ago about growing a business using Instagram, it’s the platform she uses to drive 90% of her traffic all of which she sends to her Facebook group. You can check out that interview on how she maximizes Instagram for Business here.

Robin doesn’t hold anything back in this interview and shares a system that works for her and produces results. I’ve already put into practice some of her tips and am seeing increased engagement in my group and am developing more 1-1 relationships with the members.

Join my Facebook Group here: Marketing Your Business Mastermind

Join Robin’s Facebook Group here: 6 Steps To Instagram Success w/Robin Smith

What is your main take away from this interview? Comment below with what you’re going to implement right away.

Facebook Groups 101: Starting & Growing A Group

Facebook groups are all the rage these days. Mostly because the reach on Facebook pages is just so weak. I don’t want to get all, “I remember when” on you…but I do! I remember when you could post on your Facebook page and the people who like your page ACTUALLY SAW YOUR POST. Crazy.

Now people are engaging in groups and segmenting themselves based on their interests. A marketer’s dream come true!

If you’re considering starting a group of your own, this video is for you! I interview Taylor Manning from Taylor Manning Creative on what she recommends doing to start and grow your own Facebook group.

Conveniently enough, since having this conversation with Taylor I started my own group, the Marketing Your Business Mastermind.

This free Facebook community is not only insanely helpful but also full of some other rock star business owners, come join us! You don’t want to miss out on all that brilliance! Plus in the file section, you’ll find some extra goodies, one is an eleven point visual checklist of specifically where you should place your lead magnet on your website and Facebook page to maximize subscriptions.

Before you press play, you should know, I flounder around lost for the first 33 seconds…but I promise we get into the good stuff after that!

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