Using Blab for Business

Using Blab For Business

I can’t tell you how many people I tell about blab…because I use it for my own business and LOVE it. So it made sense to finally just create a post that I can refer people to!

If you haven’t heard of the platform yet, you can check it out at, basically it’s a social platform (sort of like Periscope or Facebook Live) that allows you to live stream with 1-4 people. It’s a public site though, so you can also scroll through and see what other people are talking about or search for more specific topics to watch. But we’ll get into this all below (and in the video above!).

Okay, let’s dig in! In this post we’re going to cover:

  1. What blab is
  2. 4 ways you can use blab to grow your business
  3. How I use blab in my own business
  4. Tips and tricks to know before you get started
  5. Plus a bonus tutorial that walks you through blab step-by-step!

I’ve recorded a video above with all of this content…what you’re reading now is just the key points from that video.

1:: What is blab

As I mentioned already, it is a (free!) social media platform that allows you to stream video conversations with 1-4 people, to a live audience. So you can do a live stream by yourself…or with 2-3 other people! (We go into this more in point #2).

It is similar to Periscope or Facebook Live because as you’re streaming live, your audience can interact with you via chat. BUT, Blab goes a few steps further than Periscope or Facebook Live because you can talk with other people on the live stream, as opposed to just talking to an audience that can only chat back via text.

Another feature I love about Blab is that it allows you to create an event of sorts that you can either schedule ahead or do right at that moment and it gives you a unique URL for your stream. So unlike Periscope or Facebook Live which relies on you having a handle and building an audience on those platforms, Blab makes it easy for you to invite your audience with this URL, regardless of where they hang out. That audience can then subscribe to your “event” and be notified when you go live.

Here is a list of comparable platforms:

  • Zoom (this is a paid platform but has very similar features)
  • Google Hangouts (this doesn’t give you the same side-by-side recording but is live and has lots of other cool benefits)
  • A software like ecamm, which is for mac (this is glitchy…and not live but does give you side-by-side recordings)

Zoom is the closest to Blab when it comes to features but the downsides of it are that it’s a paid feature and that people have to login through a somewhat complicated process of downloading software.


2:: 4 Different ways to use Blab for business

Here are 4 of the most popular ways I see blab being used. There are other ways I’m sure but this gives you a summary as well as hopefully gets your wheels turning on how you can use the platform!

  1. Spur of the moment, casual conversation with a friend/business associate (with an audience)
  2. Mini-summit of experts (you +3) who weigh in on a specific topic or theme
  3. Talk show of sorts that allows guests to “call in” and share their experience/opinion
  4. 1-1 training with you and a co-host (this is my preferred method!)


3:: How I use blab in my business

I host a live training for my Facebook group and community 3x a month with a guest (Thursday’s at 12:30pm EST). We dig into a specific topic and then go through it step-by-step for 30-60 minutes.

Some examples of topics I’ve covered include:

What I love is that this allows me to meet cool people, dig into a specific topic that I can learn more about as well as consistently bring content to my audience that they want and need to grow their online businesses. I promote my weekly training’s to my audience as well as in other groups (that allow promotion) and grow my group and spread the word about my training’s in one swoop.

Tangible Outcomes I Have Seen:

  1. My audience connects with me more because they see me week after week bringing them valuable content
  2. I have a chance to build relationships with fellow entrepreneurs, meet new business BFFs and make connections that will build my business and theirs.
  3. I’m creating and delivering content consistently to my audience
  4. I have an excuse to promote these training’s in other groups which in turn keeps me visible, grows my Facebook group and ultimately introducing me to future clients.


4:: Key things to know before getting started with Blab

  • It’s simple to use. Unlike Facebook, blab is very specific on what it’s used for and the features you have control over.
  • You and your guests will want to wear headphones to prevent echoing
  • You can schedule out a broadcast or start immediately (just stick with “public” broadcasts…the “private” ones are just ongoing, never ending conversations).
  • There is a record button that allows you to record your broadcast and upload it to YouTube (just don’t forget to press it!)
  • You login in via Twitter or Facebook…I find Twitter to be the easiest and least glitchy (it is their platform).

5:: Bonus Tutorial!

Sometimes the hardest part of a new platform is getting your feet wet for the first time and learning how to use it. I’ve put together a tutorial that walks you through:

  1. How to use blab (an overall introduction)
  2. How to create & update your profile
  3. How to setup your first blab event
  4. Functions and features of blab once you go live

This is an upgrade, so I’m trading you the video for your email address…it’s a great video though and I always have awesome content 🙂

That’s it! If you have more questions, comment below and let me know! Wanna catch more training’s like this? Join my Facebook community, Marketing Your Business Mastermind.

Pinterest For Business: How To Leverage This Platform

In this interview, Marissa Wood with Blue Fairy Studios shares the ins and outs of Pinterest and how we can set it up and use it regularly to grow our online business.

Before we go too far, here are a few statistics on Pinterest:

  • Pinterest has 100 million active users
  • Approximately 85% of those users are women
  • Of women in the US who are online, 42% of them are on Pinterest

You can check out this neat infographic here, which goes into more detail on how to create images that get re-pinned and when to post for maximum impact.

In this interview, we cover:

  • Which types of businesses Pinterest is best suited for
  • The most important elements of setting up your account
  • What maintaining an active Pinterest presence involves
  • How to integrate SEO into your account so your content gets found by your ideal clients
  • Plus a few tips for using Pinterest to grow your mailing list and divert potential clients directly to your Facebook group or other favorite social media platform


Instagram For Business: The Exact Formula Robin Uses To Find 90% Of Her Clients

Are you on Instagram?

Are you using it drive traffic to your business?

If you’re not on Instagram but you want to find out what it’s all about or you’re on it but need help harnessing it’s power for your own business…this interview is for you.

We planned to only talk for 30 minutes but we went into SO MUCH detail on how you can kill it on Instagram, we were on the clock for 56:20!

I know I personally struggle to make it through videos that long…but if you’re interested in maximizing Instagram for your business, it’s worth every minute.

You can find Robin Smith on Instagram @RobinSmith2007

While you’re at it…you can find me on Instagram @ElizabethSalazar4Marketing

Once you’ve watched the training, comment below and let me know what you’re implementing right away!! Wanna catch more training’s like this? Join my Facebook community, Marketing Your Business Mastermind.

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