How To Increase Engagement (Even If Your Group Is Small)

How To Increase Engagement (Even If Your Group Is Small)

How To Increase Engagement (Even If Your Group Is Small)

You’ve jumped on the bandwagon and started your own Facebook group but it’s growing slowly and engagement is so low, you don’t even want to be there. Can you relate?

You’ve heard people talk about how amazing it is to have a group, how it increases your credibility and allows you to build relationships with so many more people.

At this point though, you’re probably wondering how that can happen with 65ish people in the group and nobody talking.

Let’s dig in, I’ll show you how to increase engagement so your group becomes the go-to place to hang out and shines light on your expertise.

I’m also going to feature a few people who are in the same stage you are and THEIR tips for creating an amazing atmosphere!



The Power Couple Of Online Business

I want to let you in on a little secret about Facebook groups…they are an amazing place to build relationships…but are terrible for getting your content and message in front of your audience consistently.

The best combination is to nurture relationships inside of your Facebook group and then invite those people to your email list so you can continue to nurture them in a more consistent manner.

Is this extra work, YES…but it’s worth it.

Think about how much work it takes to show up on Facebook. Now think about how you can post something 2-3x and STILL have people who never saw it.

When you couple the relationships you’re developing in a social atmosphere like Facebook with growing and nurturing your email list…you have the perfect “power couple”.

Don’t try to compare them, they aren’t the same but they compliment each other for maximum impact on your business.

If you want to learn more about growing your email list, check out this post.

Marketing Your Business Mastermind is my little slice of Facebook land…come check out the community!

How to Increase Engagement In A Facebook Group…Even If It’s Small

The first tip I would give you…is to grow the group. The more people you have, the less you’re relying on the 50-300 people that are there to show up every day and engage.

Okay…so you’re growing the group. If you need help with that, check out this resource here.

Engagement Tips:

1:: Be personal. It’s important for people to know you and to connect with you. This is achieved really well through video…live streaming is a bonus!


2:: Know your audience. If you know those in your group, spend time tagging them and telling others in the group how awesome they are. Then invite others to introduce themselves and share what they’re amazing at.

This needs to be more than just a one time, when they join kind of thing.

People are in these groups to grow their business (or be supported)…when you give them that chance in a non-salesy way, they love and appreciate you even more.


3:: Talk to your audience…like on the PHONE. If you just read tip #2 and asked yourself, “how will I get to know my audience?”…the answer is that you schedule 20-30 minute calls to get to know them.

These are not sales calls, they’re just you getting to know other people. This is probably my biggest tip for truly building relationships (which leads to business growth!) but a tip that a lot of people will never actually do.


4:: Share amazing value that they can implemented immediately. When you’re following your favorite guru…do you prefer them to share big concepts or tangible action steps…with examples? Exactly!! (I’m assuming you said tangible action steps, lol).

Give your people, what you would want. Regardless of your specialty, show up and teach. Break things into bit sized chunks and give them space to practice.

Don’t be worried about giving too much away. It’s not possible. People will always pay to get the pieces pulled together for them or to have accountability and guidance through the process.


5:: Be fun. If your group is business focused and attracts people who are looking for tips and tricks, be sure to also include fun stuff.

I’ve seen a few groups lately who have a thread where you put “lil” in front of whatever you ate last to get your gangster name…so mine would be Lil Toast 🙂 see what I mean by fun?


6:: Show up consistently. It’s great to have things scheduled into the group but your audience wants to interact with you!

You can schedule things like daily themes, links to amazing content you’ve created in the past, motivational articles or videos, guest speakers etc.

Then you can have some breathing room to only show up “live” (teaching via post or live stream) 2-3x a week…or daily, that’s great too.


7:: Engage with your audience! When you have a small group (or a big group!) and someone comments on your posts or posts their own stuff…always comment and like it!

This will encourage them to continue posting. I have even gone so far as to encourage people based on what I know about their business to post on the wall…and they do it!


Finally, there is no secret sauce. The key is to give back, treat people wonderfully and create an environment that people WANT to show up in…then help them remember by tagging them, haha.

Just to make sure you received the fullest range of tips, I reached out to my mailing list and they came up with a few more tips that they are using to grow their groups!


Tips From Others:

Renee Hribar: Entrepreneurial Parents Movement

Renee is one of my favorite people. At the time of this writing, her group has 150 members and as I scroll through her group, it’s not uncommon to see posts with 5-20 comments on them.

How does she do this? She embodies all the tips above…in fact I may have been thinking of her when I wrote this!!

Here are her tips for you:

    1. Be spontaneous – I only have 100 members but I feel like I REALLY know at least half of them.
    2. Share from the heart.
    3. Make it easy to engage by asking ONE SIMPLE easy to answer question or “a” or “b” choices.
    4. Do polls, invite others to go live at certain times, do a series or a masterclass.
    5. Encourage the group to get to know each other by giving them chances to talk about themselves and others beyond the typical “post”…
    6. Take the things you like from some groups and if you see something getting overused then flip the script and do the opposite – be disruptive!
    7. And if you have a theme to your group – like health -remember they are all HUMAN and have feet (for example) so do a fun post like “what are your feet wearing today?” (Just did that one because of the red carpet award shows all on now)

Fiorenza Rossini: The Busy Bee Community

Fiorenza started her group just 3 months ago and is already over 100 members!

She shares tips in her group on how to create happier living and how to fight stress and overwhelm for your personal and business life.

Her tips:

  1. Make your group a priority and show up every day.
  2. Enjoy being in your group, it helps to create engagement!
  3. If you don’t want to do themed days…that’s okay, surprise your audience with something new!

Una Opiyo: LightCasters Mastermind

Una’s group is a place for faith/Christ centered women to come together to learn and support each other as they cast their light in the world, influence, and serve.

Here is what she wants to share with us:

  • Right now I’m following Gary Vee’s advice and responding to every comment with something personal and useful. Things don’t have to be life/death all the time!


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