Discovery calls…what?!

If you’re not sure what’s involved in a discovery call that converts, this interview with Jessica Lorimer is for you.

Jessica gets hired by 95% of the women who jump on a discovery call with her and she shares in this interview exactly what it takes to make a percentage like that possible for you too!

The best part is, her suggestions are tweaks that we can immediately implement and not just scripts that we have to memorize.

In this interview, we cover:

  • Pre-qualifying your calls
  • Setting an agenda for the flow of the call (plus getting permission to offer your services if they’re a good fit)
  • The only 4 objections that really ever come up
  • Where objections come from (I’ll give it away…it’s fear)

Don’t have time to watch our 33 minute conversation but don’t want to miss out on the information? Click below to grab the notes! You’ll get the exact details Jessica shares in an organized and step-by-step format that you can start using today.

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