Content Planning Workshop

Here is the complete “raw” replay from the workshop. If you have any questions, private message Robin or Elizabeth!

Resources Mentioned In This Workshop:

In this training, Robin shares 2 different ways to organize and plan your content based on your preferences:

–> Excel (this is a 2.0 version of what you’ve already received)

–>Trello (holy wow was this section of the training ammmmazing)

You can download the board that Robin uses below. Before you though, READ THIS.

These boards are all hosted on HER trello account until you save it to yours. So please follow these instructions so the board doesn’t get edited by everyone and wonky.

  • Open the link below

  • Click “show menu”

  • Under “filter cards”, click MORE

  • Choose “Copy board”

  • Re-name the board

  • Click “trello” in the top middle of your page and double check that it saved!

Trello Board:


Robin showed us how to use calendars in Trello…

  • Click “show menu” again

  • Choose “Power-Ups”

  • Choose “enable calendar”


BONUS — Find Your Time Worksheet (2 hour 18 min mark)

Use this worksheet to discover how you’re using your time and where you can fit your business!


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