Facebook Ads 101

Hi! My name is Elizabeth Salazar, I help entrepreneurs create a solid content and list building strategy so you can get clients and money faster!

I love marketing but sometimes you need someone to walk you through exactly what to do. I struggled with setting up Facebook ads, even knowing how to use the Power Editor! So I created this free series so you don’t have to struggle too.

Facebook ads can be scary to set up the first couple of times, but the impact they can have on your business is HUGE!

Below are 4 videos that walk you through exactly what I do to set up each step of my Facebook ads. These are the exact steps Amy Porterfield teaches.

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Here were my results:

  • 112 new contacts for $261.24, over a 2 week period. Each lead averaged out to be $2.33
  • Approximately 100 new “likes” to my business page
  • My first ad initially cost about $4 a conversion, I gave it 2 days and it came down to less than $2 a conversion

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