Facebook Groups: How to Grow & Nurture A Group That Converts To Clients

Facebook groups are all the rage and an excellent way to build your online business and community of people who know, like and trust you.

In today’s interview, I chat with Robin Smith about Facebook groups. More specifically how she has grown her group in the last 4 months (organically) to over 1800 members.

We dig into how she keeps engagement high, her systems around building relationships and ultimately her tips for turning those members into clients. She converts 4% of her group to paying clients…so 70+ people are paying for one or more of her services/products!

I spoke with Robin a few months ago about growing a business using Instagram, it’s the platform she uses to drive 90% of her traffic all of which she sends to her Facebook group. You can check out that interview on how she maximizes Instagram for Business here.

Robin doesn’t hold anything back in this interview and shares a system that works for her and produces results. I’ve already put into practice some of her tips and am seeing increased engagement in my group and am developing more 1-1 relationships with the members.

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Join Robin’s Facebook Group here: 6 Steps To Instagram Success w/Robin Smith

What is your main take away from this interview? Comment below with what you’re going to implement right away.

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