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FUNNEL 101: 6 Simple Steps To Create An Irresistible List Building Funnel

(that attracts, nurtures and converts on autopilot)

Step 1 & 2: Content (9:32)

–> Free content comes in 2 flavors…both are essential in your funnel.

Step 1: Regular content to attract and nurture an audience (your audience!)

Step 2: Content you exchange for an email address. This is your chance to filter for those people you can get the best results for.



Step 3: Nurture (7:14)

Now is your chance to WOW your new subscriber and develop a connection.

Don’t overlook this step.

You may like cookies…but if a stranger offers you one, in the bathroom at the gas station…you’re not saying yes to that offer.

A connection is essential before making an offer, even if they want and need the solution.



Step 4 & 5: Selling (9:55)

Asking for the sale is an essential ingredient in your funnel.

Step 4: Ask for the sale inside your automated emails…plus which types of offers you can add for diversity.

Step 5: Create a plan to “ask” on a regular basis. (which means you’ll need to email regularly!)



Step 6: Traffic (10:18)

Content is a fantastic tool for attracting new eyes to your business and giving people a reason to come back!

In this training, we touch on 5 methods for getting more eyes on your content.



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