How To Grow A Facebook Group: Specifically…how I’ve grown mine by 500+ members in under 6 months

Marketing is all about building relationships and inside of a Facebook group…is an AMAZING place to do just that.

You need to give your community a place to hang out with you…and a Facebook group is the perfect place to foster that relationship.

You know better than anyone that just because you SERVE a lot of people and make a consistent income…doesn’t mean that you have built an audience of raving fans that are ready to buy from you when you get ready to launch your first passive product or course.

If you don’t actually want to start and manage a Facebook group though…you probably shouldn’t! It does involve quite a bit of talking to yourself in the early days (like 0-300 members early days). It also requires pre-planning, daily engagement and systems around building relationships.

This is actually the first thing I outsourced. I once spent 6 hours planning and scheduling posts for the following month and realized then, NO MORE. Haha, so I hired a VA who schedules posts and welcomes new members. Even though I could do this in like 10-15 minutes a day (not including my 6 hours of scheduling!)…now that the group is welcoming close to 200 members a month, I’m glad I outsourced even those 10-15 minutes a day!

Last week I talked about How To Build An Audience That Builds Your Business, which was an overview of what audience building is and its 4 core elements, which are…


  1. Connecting with people
  2. Providing valuable content, consistently
  3. Establishing a place for your audience to come
  4. Staying engaged

This week we’re going to continue to talk about audience building but more specifically how to build your audience using Facebook groups. As I mention in point #3 above, you need a place to gather your audience and your own Facebook group is an awesome place to do that.

I started my group mid-February of 2016. I remember reaching out to people I had connected with online in order to get those first 50 members and feeling like it was soooo hard! I had no idea what I was doing, what I should be posting or how to build and nurture a relationship with the members of the group.

Over time though, I developed a system for building the group as a part of my everyday activities and for nurturing new members so I could find paying clients from the group.

As I write this post, I’ve welcome 180 new members in July alone. June I welcome 85 members and in May I welcomed 54. I’m getting better and better at this and wanted to take some time this week to share with you exactly HOW I have increased my numbers steadily.

Okay…let’s jump into the specifics of HOW to grow a Facebook group!

What you’ll learn in this video:

  • 8 specific ways I’ve grown my group (both passive and active)
  • 2 ways to grow your group really quickly
  • How growing my group has allowed me to build better relationships with my members (and find clients)

Once you’re done watching…comment below and let me know what you thought!

If you need help building a community of your own and don’t have time to “try all the methods”…let’s chat!

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