How To Host An Online Summit (And Avoid Rookie Mistakes)

Have you ever attended an online summit and thought about creating one yourself? I know I have!

Jane Lorenz is our guest speaker this week, Jane is an intuitive empowerment coach, author and telesummit host and producer. She is getting ready to host her 6th summit this July and has learned from experience what works and what doesn’t! Within 4 months of one of her summits, she had grown her list by 2,000+ and generated over $25,000.

In this training we dig into:

  • How you can make money, build your audience & make invaluable connections
  • The time frame and tools you need to pull a summit off
  • How to engage high profile experts for your summit

Plus all the little details like types of summits, standards and how to choose a theme (hint, it’s by keeping your ideal client 100% in mind).

Once you’ve watched the training, comment below and let me know what you’re implementing right away!! Wanna catch more training’s like this? Join my Facebook community, Marketing Your Business Mastermind.



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