If you’ve ever done an ideal client exercise and hated every moment of it, I’m with you. I was the person who literally wanted to just skip that step. Because really, I already know SO much about marketing my business why couldn’t I just get to what I’m great at?!

After 9 months of struggling with my business, I finally realized the importance of being crystal clear on who my ideal client is and I wanted to share that journey and my tips with you. I did ideal client work at least 10-15 times and it still never clicked…so honestly this may not work for you. But if it does, comment below or email me and let me know!

Before we get into what’s in this video (and the video) I want to share with you what finally shifted my mindset and ultimately helped me to realize that I was struggling because I had skipped vital steps. I read an article by Todd Herman, see his graphic (click the image to read the entire article), and while it was basic information, it was a light bulb moment for me.

Here is a summary of these stages:

Todd Herman’s 5 Stages of Business:

  1. Dream Up – you decide who you’re serving, what you’re offering and validate the idea
  2. Start Up – you start marketing and working with clients
  3. Ramp Up – you perfect your systems and hire others to help you with day to day activities
  4. Scale Up – you’ve outsourced, now is the time to nurture and train those staff as well as focus on income producing activities for the business
  5. Leader Up – you’ve achieved expert status, other leaders want to work with you and you’re living a dream lifestyle that balances work and pleasure. The key to maintaining this level is staying humble and on top of market trends.

Okay, so now you have the back story, let’s get into the content!

In this video I share my tips for honing in on your ideal client:
1. Decide you’re done struggling
2. Just choose an ideal client + their pivot point
3. Outline who this person is, the pivot point when they realize they need you & how you help
4. Find this person in real life and talk to them (preferably more than one person!)

Wanna peak at my ideal client outline? Click here to take a look! I uploaded this so you can see a real life example of how specific this should be and how it plays into your entire business.

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