4 Steps To Identifying & Overcoming Limiting Beliefs (So They Don’t Hold Your Business Hostage!)

Have you ever felt like you’re just steps away from success…but for some reason rather than skipping gleefully towards “success”, you keep walking around in circles?

In this training we talk about beliefs and how they impact our choices and path…but more importantly how they limit our greatness and what we can all do to change up those beliefs and reach the goals we have for our lives.

One of my first questions is…so what exactly is a limiting belief? Here is the run down:

A limiting belief is anything that prevents you from becoming who you’re meant to be. A quick way to identify areas of limiting belief is if you find yourself saying, “I can’t…” fill in the blank with something you don’t think you can do or have. That is a limiting belief. -Jennifer Schiavo

Our guest speaker this week is Jennifer Schiavo, she is a business coach, a parenting coach and an intuitive healer. We meet last month and I was really impressed with her ability explain how beliefs impact our lives in simple ways that even a non-woo-woo person can get and run with.

In this training we cover:

  • How beliefs are formed
  • 4 steps to release and create new empowering beliefs
  • How your beliefs impact your success

Once you’ve watched the training, comment below and let me know what you’re implementing right away!! Wanna catch more training’s like this? Join my Facebook community, Marketing Your Business Mastermind.



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