Has anyone asked you, “how is your business going?!” and after a silent pause, you realize you are completely unsure how to answer?

I was talking to a friend last night who when I asked her this questions, responded with, “who knows! How do I even measure that?”

We can all agree that income is an excellent measure of success in a business, if you haven’t found your first client yet…here are some other ways to feel good about your progress:

–Track website visits: start with the basics, are people visiting. Then move on to, are MORE people visiting than before?
–New subscribers
–Track the # of fellow entrepreneurs you connect with
–Track how many potential client calls you make
–How many times have you presented the opportunity to work with you?
–Are you showing up consistently? Track it! Set a goal. I want to post in 2 groups, 2x a day. Did you do it? Then you have been successful!
–Are you seeing through great ideas until the end? It’s not enough to have a great idea, you actually have to finish it.
–Do you have a 90 day plan? Break it down into 30 day chunks. Make it realistic. Then celebrate the small steps.

It can be hard to feel successful if you’re not making money yet. You are successful though because you are moving forward. Stick to you…you’ve got this!

What are ways you measure your progress (apart from the infamous income?)?

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