How to Skyrocket Your Business (Without Spending A Dime)

Being in business costs money. And naturally skyrocketing your business without spending a dime seems pretty intriguing after you just checked your account and realized all the monthly expenses it really takes!

In this blog post, I’m going to share with you a way I’ve been growing my business, staying accountable to reaching my goals and not going crazy as an extrovert running a business from home. And I’m doing all of these things with one (sort of simple) action.

Right now I’m working on creating my first digital product…a course on email marketing. More specifically, how to create an amazing lead magnet and everything that surrounds your success after you’ve created said lead magnet (landing page, email automation, placement and staying in touch).

I’m not doing this alone and…

  • I don’t have a coach (right now at least)
  • I don’t have a business partner
  • I’m not in a high-level mastermind for fellow overachievers

So what is this one, sort of simple thing I’m doing to skyrocket my business and my productivity?

Collaborating with others.


Yep. I don’t want to portray it as super simple, because honestly it can be tough to find the right people. But once you do, they can be invaluable for helping you feel great about your business, reach your goals and not feel alone in the process.

I’m actually collaborating in two areas of my business at this moment…but today we’re just going to focus on the course creation end.

If you’re working to create something…it might look like this:

  • Have a great idea…maybe even start creating it, but ultimately get distracted and abandon the project
  • Get a course created…only to become overwhelmed with the marketing of it or the lack of people who are excited enough about it to purchase
  • Hire a coach for $1,000+ a month to hold you accountable to reaching your goals. Meet with them once a week and juggle bringing in regular income while you also create this new income stream on the side
  • Hire someone to create the entire course for you based on your content

I’ve create a course in the past but sadly didn’t finish it. Actually it’s not terribly sad as the platform ended up shutting up shop one day so really I dodged a bullet.

I’ve had great ideas that I never took the time to bring to life. Can you relate?

I’ve even hired a coach to help me, only to somehow get distracted with doing things “right” and deciding mid-way to go down a different path.

So now I’m working on my first digital course…that I’ll actually finish, and people it’s a little rough! From getting everything organized, created, tested and then marketed…it isn’t an overnight project!

So instead of doing this alone, I have a buddy that I’m doing it with.

We’re both creating digital courses and so we’re holding each other accountable to making steady progress, we’re encouraging each other when we get distracted with family stuff or even other aspects of our business that seem to being pulling extra hard and most importantly we’re helping each other to finish what we’ve started and not become overwhelmed with the details that we like least.

What is going to really skyrocket your business? Taking your great ideas and bringing them to life. And sometimes this is the hardest thing we we can do when we’re trying to do it alone.

I want to challenge you to spend a few minutes today writing down an area of your business you’re struggling to do alone.

Then think if you know anyone else who is struggling with this area as well that you can team up with. If you don’t know anyone, go into one of your favorite and super engaged Facebook groups and post the ask there.

“Teaming up” can literally be a call once a week and staying in touch via email or messenger. As long as you’re working on the same step, you’re interested in connecting regularly and you like each other…this can help you BOTH achieve great results in your business.

Comments or Questions?! Post below and let me know!

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