Running A Strengths Based Business (and how to figure out what your strengths are!)

This week’s training is on HOW to run a strengths based business by identifying your strengths so you can spend more time working in them, specifically how you can shape your business around what you truly love to do.

My guest this week is Joy Martinez, the founder of StrengthsDNA and a Personal Strengths + Brand Coach. She helps online service-based entrepreneurs discover and leverage their unique talents and strengths so they can create a business they love to work in.

Joy uses Clifton StrenthsFinder to assess her clients and then comes back with more detailed information about how your strengths apply to your business and new ways you can use your strengths.

I recently hired Joy to help me break down my strengths into actionable information I can use to shape and grow my business. I’ve taken SO many assessments, only to walk away wondering how to actually use the information. I’m only on the first of two sessions and already feel great about how my strengths are showing up in my business currently but also how I can emphasis them more in my personal branding.

In this training, we cover:

  • What strengths-based development is and why it is important
  • How your strengths relate to your personal brand
  • Tips & strategies to discover your talents
  • What your weaknesses really are & how to manage them (not fix them)

We also touch on how to immediately recognize an area of weakness, HINT, it’s when your energy is drained and you just don’t want to do something…plus what you can do to mitigate those feelings.

Once you’ve watched the training, comment below and let me know what you’re implementing right away!!

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